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The status quo is broken. There's a better way.

Balance Not Immobilization


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The Pivot 1.0

There's a better way

Designed to stop turns from ever starting

ReAxon Outriggers

Prevent inversion before it happens. Outriggers in the forefoot and heel come into contact with the ground first in dangerous situations and allow your body to balance.

Flex Lock Straps

Become one with the shoe. Never slip. Dual straps keep you connected to the shoe while reinforcing key ligaments.

Wide Toe Box

Natural toe splay enhances balance. Most basketball shoes have a narrow toe box that impedes the body's natural balancing abilities.

Dual Heel Counters

Orient your foot and stay connected. A soft inner heel counter hugs the heel, while a hard external heel counter locks it in place under extreme force.

Performance Insole

Arch support, crash pad, bounce pad, and a deep heel cup to support and orient the foot. Retail separately for $50, free in every shoe. A first in performance footwear.

Midfoot Containment

Medial and lateral webbing goes from the laces to the base of the shoe, providing customizable lockdown and added strength in the midfoot.

Hear from the hoopers who wear it

Want to try it?

We're doing try-on runs in NYC every week. Come through!

Feeling is believing.

It's hard to know what a new technology does until you actually play in it, so we're offering try-ons around NYC to help hoopers get acquainted with the future of performance basketball shoes.

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Medically Backed

Leading orthopedic surgeons and foot and ankle specialists provided input on The Pivot 1.0's anatomical design.

Medically Backed

Leading orthopedic surgeons and foot and ankle specialists provided input on The Pivot 1.0's anatomical design.

The secret to this ankle saving moment

Ankle injuries need to be prevented at their root causes: instability, disconnect, and inversion.

No Foot Slip

Most ankle injuries involve the foot slipping up the side of the shoe, creating disconnect and stopping the body from balancing.

Our Flex Lock System and ReAxon Bottom Unit unite foot and shoe, creating the ultimate shoe-body connection.


Most basketball shoes are narrow, which impedes the body’s balancing capabilities.

Our wide toe box allows for toe splay to unlock your body's natural stability.

Dual forefoot and heel outriggers are larger and stronger than other basketball shoes, and can prevent inversion before it even occurs.

Free Motion

Braces and tape immobilize the ankle, restricting motion, weakening the ankle, and creating dependency.

The Pivot 1.0 allows free motion within a safe range, giving a greater range of motion than most braces or tape jobs, keeping your ankle strong and active.


Proprioception is your body's knowledge of where it is in space.

Braces and tape create more separation between the body and the court. This reduces shoe-body connection and may reduce proprioception.

Our wide base provides your body with extra information, and Flex Lock Straps ensure you stay connected to the shoe.

Lasts all game

Tape and braces tend to loosen up over time, going from overly restrictive to ineffective over the course of a game.

The Pivot 1.0's dual straps have multiple connection points in order to reduce loosening and stay tight all game.

Pivot to the Pivot

Built to Perform

No detail was overlooked to make sure that the Pivot 1.0 performs at the highest level.

Full length herringbone

No-Nonsense Traction

Many brands use the bottom of the shoe to tell a story. We only have one story to tell: stop on a dime traction.

Full length heel to toe herringbone for fast sprints and stepbacks. Lateral herringbone for quick cuts and defensive slides. A pivot point for multidirectional movement.
It's not rocket science.

Banked Curving

Get Low

Added curvature in the medial forefoot gives extra traction when getting deep on changes of direction. For the shiftiest players.

No Foot-Lag

Ultimate Reactivity

Other shoes can have a lag between when you pick up your foot and when the shoe follows. Our Flex Lock Straps provide such strong lock in that there's no foot lag. That means where you go, the shoe goes - no milliseconds lost.

All Game Comfort

No Tired Feet

Forefoot bounce pad, heel poron crash pad, hard arch support shank, full length memory foam, ETPU strobel, and EVA.

Everything you need to keep your feet feeling fresh game after game, day after day.

Pivot to the Pivot