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The Nation’s Shooting Specialist Trainer

Leo Svete

Former D1 and International Pro

Italy • UK • China • Bosnia
El Salvador • Macedonia • Albania

Pepperdine Firestone Fieldhouse, Dean E. Smith Center


Assisting top athletes with shooting, helping them reach their potential and achieve their goals, that's my motivation. Basketball has taken me all over the world, I've journeyed through the trenches and reached incredible peaks. What I'm doing now is a testament to never giving up, putting in the work day after day, after day. I love this and I am honored to support these athletes and be a part of their journey too.


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“As a trainer, I need to be 100% and can't get hurt. The Pivot 1.0 brings stability that allows me to really be in control. Pulling up from my handle into a shot, dunking, and of course keeping ankles healthy. It's a game changer.”

– Leo Svete

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The Pivot 1.0

A combination of features take balance, responsiveness, comfort, and safety to a new level

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Medically Backed

Designed with input from top orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, and physical therapists.

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