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Book a Try On Event

In NYC and want to try out the Pivot 1.0?

Fill out the form below and we'll be in contact about setting up a try-on at your run!

Or, you can always come to one of our runs.

Feeling is believing. It's hard to know what a new technology does until you actually play in it, so we're offering try-ons around NYC to help hoopers get acquainted with the future of performance basketball shoes.

Do you think you can get 2 other people who want to try The Pivot?
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What happens at a try-on? Can I play in them?

We'll come out to your run with a bunch of Pivot 1.0s so you can try them on and play in them.

Hopefully there's a spot in the run so we can hoop too, but that's not a requirement.

Can my friends try it too?

We'll come out to your run if you can get 2 other people who want to try out the shoes too.

If you can't get two other people and still want to try it out, we have our own run every Sunday that you can join in Gramercy in Manhattan.

Either way, sign up and we'll find a way to make it work!

Is there a store where I can try it out?

The best way to understand what The Pivot does is to actually play in it, so nothing beats an on-court, full-speed try on. Right now our shoes are only available through our website, so no stores yet.

How do the shoes fit?

Andiem runs the same length as Nike basketball shoes, but with a wide toe box (for natural toe splay and balance).

If you usually size up for width or to wear an ankle brace, you won't need to do that with Andiem.

Is it NYC only?

Right now try ons are limited to the NYC metro area.

If you have an event outside of NYC and want Andiem to be involved, please fill out the form and we can see if we can make it work.